Vietnamese Favs💕

Vietnamese Favs


Of late, I have fallen in love with Vietnamese food. Currently, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant is District 111 at the Avalon Mall Alpharetta GA. I first had Vietnamese food in San Francisco, in the Bay Area.

My favorite is the Pho. I have had all types of Vietnamese soup,like the Pho -Filet Mignon and Brisket. Since becoming a pescatarian once again, I only have the seafood Pho. What do I love about the Pho? It is light but filling. The broth is citrusy and refreshing with a strong lime basil flavor.

My recent favorite appetizer is their Tuna Tartare. #Yummy. The blend of lemon juice , mango, cilantro and ahi tuna is to die for. Most of all, this type of cuisine works well with my weight management.👌🏾

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